Ph.D's Awarded

Name of the Candidate Title of the thesis Year of Award
Kulandai Josephine Julina J Study on Vision-Based Gesture Recognition for Indian and American Sign Languages 2023
Nandhini I Classification of Brain Disease from MRI Images Based on Deep Learning Techniques 2023
Sornavalli G Prediction of Stock Markets using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms 2023
Shiney Jeyaraj A Novel Framework for Significant Question Mining Using Deep Learning Techniques 2023
Aarthi S Visual Question Answering using Scene Understanding 2023
Kanupriya Mittal Automatic Detection and Classification of Retinal Diseasesb using Machine LLearning Approaches 2023
Dileesh E D Memory Behaviour Based Models for Program Integrity Verification and Anomaly Detection against Code Reuse Attacks 2022
Thiyagu TM An Optimization Based Feature Extraction and Machine Learning Techniques for Biomedical named Entity Recognition 2022
Surya K Studies on Prediction of Resource Contention in Cloud and Edge Computing Architectures using Markov Models 2022
Kodaikkaavirinaadan U Enhanced Concept Map Generation from Domain Text using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques 2022
Thamizhamuthu R Skin Melanoma Classification System Using Deep Neural Networks 2022
Suganya Devi P R 3D face Reconstruction and Analysis 2022
Lalitha Devi K Some Approaches to Schedule Resources Dynamically in the Cloud Environment 2022
Aparna Y Some Approaches for Detecting Multi-Lingual and Multi-Oriented Text from Natural Scene Images 2022
Geethapriya A Some Studies on Cross- Domain Sentiment Analysis 2022
Niyati Kumari Behera Enrichment of a Medicinal Plant Ontology using IE from Biomedical Literature 2022
Vijayarani J Context- Enhanced Joint Word Embedding for Detecting Changes in Evolving Text 2022
Aswiga R V Multilevel Transfer Learning Framework for Classification and Annotation with Limited Medical Datasets 2021
Lino Abraham Varghese Implementing A Secure Key Management Protocol For Multicast Communication In Cloud Network 2021
Aalan Babu A An Efficient Framework for Segmentation and Classification of Water Bodies from Aerial Images 2021
Devi N Crossmodel Fusion of Multiple Input Modalities for Human Computer Interaction 2021
Sudhakaran G Biomedical Named Entity Recognition and Drug-Drug Association Extraction from Literature with Deep Neural Networks 2021
Krithiga.R An Enhanced Framework for Automatic Diagnosis of Breast Cancer and Robust Tumor Proliferation Scoring Model for Digitized Histopathology Images 2021
Jobi Vijay User Profile based Tourism Recommendation 2021
Mathiarasi B Link Prediction in Dynamic Weighted Heterogeneous Network 2021
Shilpaja Chandrasekar Video Surveillance based analysis of Vehicles and Pedestrains in Intelligent Traffic Systems under Complex Environment 2021
Sudha K An Efficient Framework for Automatic Segmentation and Analysis of Complex and Overlapped White Blood cells from Microscopic Blood Images 2021
Seethalakshmi K Some Approaches to Recognise 2D Facial Images 2021
Susila Sakthy.S Improving the Lifetime of WSN using the CH and TH Selection Algorithm with Novel Secured Algorithm for Reliable Data Communication 2021
Sudha.V Algorithms for Arithmetic Operations and Picture Generation in DNA Computing 2021
Sivagami.V.M Dynamic Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance in Cloud Data Center 2020
Jackulin.T Effective Content Based Image Retrieval Using Various Feature Extraction Strategies 2020
Deepika.S.S Identification and Prediction of Biomedical Associations using Machine Learning Techniques. 2020
Radhika.R An Efficient Framework for Secure Data Dissemination in IOT Networks Using Intelligent Stimulus 2020
Vidya Janarthanam Towards Digiting the Hippocampus: A Bio-inspired Artificial Neural Network 2020
Moratanch N An Efficient Abstractive Text Summarization System 2020
Kiruba K Performance Enhancement Techniques for Human Action Recognition in Videos 2020
Sri Sakthi Towards Improving Data Security and Availability in Cloud Storage 2020
Elgin Christo V R Feature Selection and Classification of Clinical Data Using Bio-Inspired Algorithms 2020
Allen Joseph An Enhanced Framework for Identifying Human Emotions from Multimodal Signals 2020
Sankar.K An Improved Content Based Image Retrieval System Using Wrapper Based Curvelet Transforms and Chemical Reaction Optimization 2020
Akila.K Robust Human Action Recognition System for Closely Related Actions in Video 2020
Smithamol.M.B Enhancing Trust for Storage and Access in Cloud Environment 2019
Agasta Adline.A.L Graph Based Generation of Research Article Summaries Using Definition Extraction 2019
Muthuselvi.G Unsupervised Approaches for Mining Author Contributions in Scientific Manuscripts 2019
Siva.R Measuring Scientific in Influence Using Quality Citations 2019
Kiruthiga.A Effective Modelling And Analysis of Complex Network For Predicting Convert Organizational Structures 2019
Janani.A Skimming of Video Analytics 2019
Liji.P.I Analytical Modeling of Real Time Multimedia Data in Next Generation Wireless Networks 2019
Srinivasan.R Region Based Time Variant C2HG Model for Crop Yield Estimation and Water Regulation Using Artificial Neural Networks 2019
Jothish Kumar.M Evaluation Framework for Congestion Control in Wired And Wireless Environment 2019
Johnsi Merlin Benita Architecture for Enabling Seamless Communication in Dead Zones of LTE-Femtocell Networks 2019
Vimalkumar.K Tekken: A Framework for IOT Data Pipeline Optimization From Edge to Cloud 2019
Kumaran.P Prediction of Information Diffusion Based on Influence Spreader Identification in an Online Social Network 2019
Subetha.T An Efficient Dyadic Human Interaction Recognition System from Videos 2019
S.N.Sangeetha Detection and Grading of Diabetic Retinopathy from Clinical Fundus Images using Machines Learning Algorithms 2019
V.Nandini Online Short Answer Evaluation System: A model for Descriptive Answer Assessment using Semantic Relational Features 2019
K.Durgadevi A Novel Approach for Digitization of Ancient Stone Inscriptions and Development of Machine Learning Models for Character Recognition and Transliteration 2019
K.A.Vidya Improved Blocking Approaches for Entity Resolution in Heterogeneous Web of Data Using Rough Set Theory 2019
Mercy Rajaselvi Beaulah.P A Framework for Image Annotation and Retrieval from Large-Scale Image Classes 2019
Anandhi.D Some Approaches for Land Use Land Cover Classification 2019
Sheeba Santha Kumari.M Rough Set Enabled Classifiers for Uncertain Data 2019
J.Betina Antony Semantic Role Labelling for Information Extraction of Tamil Biomedicine 2019
Anithaashri T P Enhancing the Security of Networks Using Game Theory 2018
Mohamed Divan Masood M Transcription factor Binding Site Prediction by Using Deep Learning Technique 2018
Sreeja P S Towards a Computational Model for Poetry Emotion Recognition 2018
Krupa S Quality of Service on Multicore Systems Using Cache Control Techniques 2018
Elakkiya R 3-SU Subunit Sign Modelling for Continuous Sign Language Recognition 2018
Sathiya B Enhanced Systems for Ontology Matching, Evolution and Learning from Text 2018
Bijolin edwin E Multi Objective Fragmentation based Data Replication Model with Load Balancing and Efficient Data Migration in Cloud Data Center 2018
Chitra Ganabathi G Privacy Preserving K-Anonymization Approach for Reducing Information Loss Using Enhanced Fuzzy Mean Clustering 2018
Dhalia Sweetlin J Model based Segmentation and Bio-inspired Approaches for the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Disorders from Computed Tomography Images 2018
Leema N Hybrid Framework with Machine Learning and Fuzzy Approaches for Medical Decision Making 2018
Rashmita Khilar An Efficient Vehicle Detection and Tracking System for vehicle Retrieval from Traffic Videos 2018
Roshini Thanka. M An Optimized Multi objective QoS Aware and Security Aware Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing Environment 2018
Hema R Identification of Multi-Perspective Chemical Attributes Through Chemical Literature Mining 2018
Shiny Duela Certain Investigation on File Storage in Cloud To Ensure Confidentiality and Availability 2018
Kirthica S A Brokerless Framwork for Efficient Resource Provisioning Facilitating A Multicloud 2018
Ebenezer Rajiv Hinston Prabhu I Robust Analytics for Video Based Gait Biometrics 2018
Gayathri K S Activity Recognition in Smart Home 2018
Kanimozhi U An FP-Tree Based Algorithm for Mining High Utility Itemsets in a Transactional Database 2018
Manju G MC Integrated Academic and Social Features for Academic Research Recommendations 2018
Anithaashri T P Enhancing the Security of Networks Using Game Theory 2018
Aruna Rani A R Security and Energy Techniques in Cloud Environment 2018
Saranya G Code Smell Detection and Prioritization of Refactoring Operations to Enhance Software Maintainability 2017
T Akila Wireless Sensor Networks 2017
Suchitra S Robust Face Image Retrieval System using Semantic Codewords 2017
Priyadharshini R An Efficient Mining Framework for Cornory Disease Diagnosis by Associating Textual And Image Clues 2017
Indhumathi Enhanced Approach For Reducing Redundant Test Cases 2017
Sankari S In Networks 2017
Faustina Joan Some Studies on Text Detection in Born Digital And Scene Text Images 2017
Kalaivani A An Efficient Framework for Multilable Image Annotation And Semantic Based Image Retrival using Multilevel Tagging 2017
Uma K Compression of Scanned Compound Images Using Optimization Techniques 2017
Pavai G Improving the Performance of Search Engines using Machine Learning Algorithm 2017
Kothandaraman Context Aware Human Tracking System for Internet of Things 2017
Hema T Design of Efficient Data Structures for Geometric Problems 2017
Prabhavathy P Efficient Push Based XML Data Broadcast for Wireless Network 2017
Soundarya V Intelligent Product Recommendation System using Opinion Mining Through Feature Selection And Classification Techniques 2017
Buvaneswari N Efficient User Preference Analysis for Dynamic Query Personalization 2017
Angel Arul Jothi Studies on Thyroid Histopathy Images in Detecting Carcinoma 2017
Madhu K P An Optimized Itinerary Recommendation System in Location Based Social Networks 2017
Pradeep Kumar Arya A Credential Based Authentication Approach for Securing Data In Cloud 2017
Antonidoss A Intelligent Algorithms for Secured Storage and Retrieval in Cloud Databases 2017
Altis Raja R Some Studies on Preserving Source Location Privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks 2017
Renugadevi S Collaborative Information Retrieval Based On Academic Interests and Search Behavior 2017
Suganya Devi R A Framework for Efficient Retrieval Of Durable Top-K Queries in Historical Time Series Database 2017
Prema S Performance Study On Feature Set Clustering And Manifold Classification For Medical Disease 2016
Juliana R Swarm Optimized Trust Technique to Improve Security in Wireless Sensor Network 2016
Poongodi M An Intrusion Detection System Against Ddos Attack using Trust Evaluation Mechanism In MANET 2016
M Rajeswari Certain Investigation on Reliability of Information Dissemination in VANET And MANET using UGFT :A P Robabilistic Approach 2016
K.C.Rajeswari A Novel Enhanced Prosody Feature Extration Model For Tamil Text-To-Speech Synthesis System 2016
Booba B A Hybrid Optimization Algorithm for Path-Finding in Grid Environment 2016
Thenmalar S Enhanced Information Retrieval and Information Extraction Using Ontology 2016
A.Benjamin Joseph Optimized Feature Preserving Image Compression Techniques 2016
Swarna Parvathi S Multimedia Streaming for the future generation Mobile Networks 2016
Saravanan N Developing a Framework for Web service Consistency Quality Management 2016
Priyadharshini M Multilevel Realization of Web Services Security 2016
Nagarathna Efficient Tracking and Estimation of Dynamic Boundaries using Evolution models in WSN 2016
A. S. Aneetha An intelligent stand multivariate atistical approach for hybrid network intrusion detection system 2016
R.Palson kennedy Web Conscious Distributed Indexing Algorithm for Scalable Information Retrieval 2015
V. Prasanna Srinivasan Design Space Exploration Framework for Application Specific System Design 2015
J. Senthil Kumar Intelligent Medical Image Diagnosis with Orthogonal Polynomials & Representative Association Rules 2015
J.K.Kavitha Recommendation system using incremental rule mining and utility mining 2015
M.Deivamani QOS based reconfigurable web service composition 2015
R.Karthika Emotion and Genre Identification in Tamil Film Lyrics 2015
S. Chakravarthy Intelligent Agent Based Approach for Securing Web Services 2015
A. Vijayakumar A Study of Trust and Reputed Co-operative Communication in Mobile Adhoc Networks 2015
R. Krishnaveni Effective Integrated Techniques to Detect Malicious Websites 2015
R. Pugalenthi Efficient Protocols for Dynamic Multicasting in Heterogeneous Network 2015
K.R.Premalatha Dynamic Course Composition for Adaptive E-learning 2015
L.Kavisankar An efficient Mitigation Framework to Detect and Defend Against Multi-Vector DDoS Attack 2015
G.Aloy Anuja Mary Study and analysis of Quantum Inspires Algorithm 2015
B. Umamaheswari cost effective key management schemes for secure rout-ing in wireless sensor networks 2015
P. Kalyani Machine Learning Based Approaches to Detect Defects in Graphical User Interfaces 2014
C. Viswanathan Protocols to optimize the performance of ultra wide band (uwb) based ad hoc networks 2014
K. Selva Bhuvaneswari A framework for Analysis and Interpretation of Brain MRI using Semantics 2014
R. Sasikumar Adaptive fault tolerant mobile agent based intrusion de-tection system 2014
G. Usha Honeypot based single and cross layer blackhole attack detection for manet 2014
M.Barathi Semantic Based Query Suggestion Approaches for Web Information Retrieval 2014
E.Umamaheswari A semantic approach for news event search 2014
V.Manjula Resilient protocols for node Replication attack mitigation in WSN 2014
A. Asha Adaptive multimodal biometric authentication frame-work 2014
M. Bharathi Semantic based query suggestion approaches for web information retrieval 2014
K.S.P.K.Ilanthenral Cryptosystems Based on Error Correcting Codes 2014
J.Balaji Pattern based bootstrapping approaches For natural language processing of Morphologically rich languages 2014
S.Karthika Effective behavioral and relational Analysis for pivot actor tagging in Clandestine social network 2014
Alagala Swarnal-atha Towards SOPC Architectures for a Complete Hardware Evolution Based Genetic Algorithm 2014
I. Felci Rajam Adaptive Invariant Content Based Image Retrieval Using Semantic Learning 2014
P.Kalyani Cost Effective Key Management Schemes for Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks 2014
Arockia Xavier Annie VIPV : An Effective Streaming System for VCR Interactivity in Peer-to-Peer Video-on-Demand System 2014
P. Vaishnavi Enhanced Framework of Reliability Analysis to Design and Develop Web Service in Safety Critical Network Infrastruc-ture 2013
S. Aranganathan Performance enhancement in quality of service for a data intensive 2013
R.Shyamala Some Studies on Tesla Based Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Network 2013
Jeevaa katiravan Novel mechanisms to detect and prevent flooding and worm attacks 2013
P. Sivasankar studying and improving energy efficient on-demand rout-ing 2013
G. Murugesan Scheduling divisible loads on distributed heterogeneous environments 2013
L. Jegatha Deborah Intelligent Agent Based Learning and Evaluation System using Learning Styles Identification 2013
K. Murugesan An optimized intellectual agent based secure decision system for health care 2013
M. Subramaniam Multipath state aware cmt using redundant transmission for sctp multi-homed hosts 2013
P. Vijayakumar Efficient Key Management Schemes for Secure Multicast Communication 2013
R. Dhanalakshmi Studying and improving techniques to mitigate e-mail threats 2013
K. Pradheep Kumar Multicore scheduling algorithms for effective CPU utilization 2013
M. Sivabalakrishnan An Enhancement of People Counting System Using Edge Flow Vector Segmentation And Fuzzy Logic 2013
K. Sathiyamurthy Automatic Content Extraction from Documents for e-Learning 2012
Rajeswari Sridhar Exploiting Carnatic Music Characteristics for Music Content Identification 2012
B. Chandhra Mohan Routing Based Novel Communication Protocol for Heterogeneous Next Generation Network 2012
S. Pushpa Intelligent Agent Based Learning and Evaluation System using Learning Styles Identification 2012
K.P. Mani Anand Self-generated-certificate public key cryptog-raphy for e-commerce 2012
K. Indra Gandhi A comprehensive scheduling strategy for data acquisition in wireless sensor networks 2012
Sandra Johnson Machine Learning Based Approaches To Predict and Optimize Hot Methods 2011
N. Velvizhi Improving Computation Power by Reducing Query Response Time and Security Measures in Peer-to-Peer Environment 2011
S. Lakshmana Pandian Morpheme and semantic based Approach for Tamil Question Answering System 2011
T. Raghuveera A Monograph on Prediction Models for MPEG Encoded VBR Video Traffic 2011
B.S.Shylaja Studies in rough set theory based routing Protocols for vehicular ADHOC networks on freeways 2011
D. Doreen Hephzibah Miriam An Efficient Fault Tolerant Hypercubic P2P Grid Resource Management System 2011
M.S. Anbarasi Enhanced K Means Clustering for Patient Report Outcome 2011
P. Jayashree An Adaptive Multi-Tier Cross-Layer Security Framework to Defend Against DDoS Attacks in Active Networks 2010
S.Chitrakala Unified framework for text localization, detection andextraction from heterogeneous textual images. 2010
V. Mary Anita Rajam Studies in cache-based routing protocols for mobile adhoc networks using information systems 2010
S.Abirami Keyword Spotting based Information Retrieval System for Tamil Document Images 2010
S. Venkatesan Advanced Security Models to Protect Mobile Agent Environment against Multiple Attacks 2010
Dhananjay Kumar Efficient Resource Allocation in Next Generation Multicarrier Cellular Networks to support Multimedia Traffic 2009
B.Ramesh Qos Aware Congestion adaptive Routing Methods for Streaming Multimedia in Mobile Adhoc Networks 2009
M. Munir Ahamed Rabbani Face Recognition Using Object Recognition Techniques 2009
T.P.Saravanabava Modeling and Analysis of Intrusion Detection System for Real-Time Applications using Soft Computing Techniques 2009
N. K. Karthikeyan Optimal Resource Utilization in Cellular Networks 2009
T.K.S. Lakshmi Priya A Network Layer Grid to Support Application Awareness 2009
N.Duraipandian Methodologies for Secure Information System Design for Organizations 2009
G. Vijayalakshmi Dependability Analysis of Complex Fault Tolerant Systems 2009
M. Vijayalakshmi Query Processing Techniques for Location Based Services in Mobile Database Systems 2009
G.S. Mahalakshmi An Indian Logic Based Approach to Argumentative Reasoning for Knowledge Sharing 2009
T. Mala Information Extraction based Document Visualization 2009
S. Sendhilkumar Personalized Web Search based on User Conceptual Index 2009
V. Kavitha Efficient Techniques for Enhancing Privacy & Information Assurance 2009
M. Marikkannan Intelligent Temporal Reasoning using Rules for Temporal Database Security 2009
K. Lakshmi
Novel Feature Weighting Schemes and Similarity
Measures for Automatic Text Categorization
R. Sakaya Milton
Studies in Multi-Relational Extensions to Rough Set
N. Sambasiva Rao
Software Reuse Metrics for Object Oriented Systems
M. Aramudhan Effective Methodologies for Enhancement of Web Service in Distributed Environment 2008
K. Vimaladevi
A Study on Resource Estimation and Allocation
Methods in Active Networks
V. Vetriselvi
Trace Based Mobility Model for QoS Routing and
Resource Sharing in Mobile Ad-HocNetworks
N. Ramakrishnan
An Architectural Model for Dynamic Adaptable
Software Systems
J. Indumathi
Data Mystification for Optimized and Efficacious
Privacy Preserving Data Mining
K. Komathy
Secure Data Forwarding Against Selfish Nodes in
Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
G. Kousalya
Quality of Services Enhancementin Wireless Networks
S. Sarala
Algorithms For The Detection Of Defects In Object
Oriented Programs
R. Ponnusamy
On the Retrieval Effectiveness Study of an Adaptive
Multiagent System in a Web Digital Library
Angelina Geetha
Algorithms for Relevant Web Information Retrieval
Using Re-ranking and Summarization
Susan T. Simon
Efficient Approaches for Multimedia Authoring and
Haidar S. Jabbar
An Integrated Quantitative Methodology for Software
S. Saraswathi
Language Modeling Approaches for Improving Tamil
D. Loganathan
A Study of Bit Plane Coding Method for Image
Transmission and its Applications
B. Parvathavarthini
An Adaptive Hybrid GroupRekeying Architecture
UsingEnhanced One-way Function TreeProtocol
M. Sugumaran A Heuristic Approach for AgentBased Distributed Meeting Scheduling 2008
M. Roberts Masillamani An Intelligent Route Rebuild InMANET Using Genetic BasedNeural Network 2007
G.S. Anandha Mala An Integrated Framework for theElicitation of Object Oriented Elements from Unstructured Requirement Specification Textand NFR Preferences for Actorsof Usecases from Domain Model. 2007
S. Bose An Intelligent Multi-Layer Anomaly Intrusion Detection and Prevention Model for Ad-HocNetworks 2007
P. Yogesh An Optimized Hierarchical Cluster Structure for Effective Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks 2007
K. G. Mohan Energy-Aware Cache Structures using Compiler Support 2007
R. Baskaran Intelligent Image Classification and Retrieval Algorithms in Image Databases 2007